What is DJ Fit, Inc.?
Diane Davis, affectionately referred to as DJ, is the Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer;
the brains, vital spirit, and the beautiful brawn behind the creation of DJ Fit, Inc.

A Word from DJ

My teachings convey the tremendous benefits of becoming fit and remaining fit for the rest of your life. I also develop and provide customized workout routines for private clients. Keeping up with most updated information concerning nutritional counseling, and teach the importance of relaxation and meditation techniques.

DJ provides services to clients of all ages, though she loves to work with mature adults over the age of forty, showing them they too can get fit and live healthier and happier lives.

Why Use DJ?

To Get FIT, Stay FIT and Feel Good!

DJ specializes in public speaking on enhanced health, wellness, and fitness programs to large companies, businesses, corporations and organizations.

By using her charismatic influence, DJ has the ability to capture and inspire the spirit of a person seeking a healthy life change. She is able to transfer energy and encouragement to her clients. It is something that comes naturally to her. People can’t resist responding to DJ’s efforts on their behalf. They often make leaps and bounds improvements in their own well being and health shortly after beginning one of her custom tailored health programs.

DJ’s extensive education and fitness training has been taught, but her warm, lively nature is her character. Testimonials written by very pleased clients speak volumes. Read some of DJ’s genuinely kindhearted thanks Click Here.

Seminars, Training Workshops,
Motivational Speaking Events

DJ is very well known in the fitness industry. She regularly offers her professional personal training services to the general population. DJ also travels around the country to provide health, wellness, and fitness seminars, training workshops, and presents various other public motivational speaking events to large companies, corporations, and organizations.

To schedule DJ’s professional services, please call

It's never too late to start!

DJ’s oldest client is a lovely, lively, optimistic lady who is eighty-six years young.

After just one session, my clients often see instant improvement in their entire general physical condition. They feel fresh and inspired to accomplish what they want and need to do in life, perhaps for the very first time.

My Philosophy—
“If you feel good, you look good!”
Diane (DJ) Davis—Certified Personal Trainer

Many families have genetic, life-threatening health issues within family members sometime going back many decades. One of the most common factors is obesity that can attribute to the onset of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and other debilitating ailments. Some of these conditions can be avoided by becoming fit and remaining as healthy as possible.

I know that by starting a new, healthy fitness and eating regime,
one will:

Greatly reduce the risk of becoming gravely ill
Improve general overall health
Feel increased energy and inspiration
Have more fun
Look fantastic
Be willing to experience new adventures
Want to frolic and attend events previously declined
Feel proud of their enhanced appearance

In the long run, the planning of enjoyable festivities may be increased and anticipated with Joy. Ordinary events previously taken for granted may take on new meaning from simply feeling better each day.

Please call me for customized programs and training location information; to schedule an appointment, workshop, seminar, or other personal appearance by DJ. For questions, comments, and other concerns, please e-mail: dj@djfitinc.com. or fill in the contact form.


We all struggle for balance throughout most aspects of our lives. It is important for everyone to develop and manage specific health and wellness plans.

By applying my constructive suggestions, you will learn how to:

Reach achievable personal goals
Balance exercise with sensible eating
Include portions of each food group during all meals
Employ subtle DAILY fitness and dietary changes

Training Skill Specifics

After thorough evaluation of each client, I will design
a customized workout routine which may include:

And will focus on:

Benefits of Working With DJ:

Muscular strength
Cardiovascular endurance
Increased flexibility
Controlled balance
Finely tuned body maintenance skills
Healthy eating habits
Happiness and optimism
Greater energy

One will discover that working out in the
company of DJ is:


All elements of your improved fitness and disposition will be obvious. Your entire body, complexion, and new healthy attitude will make your friends wonder what you’ve been up to lately.

Here might be one thing everyone will want to catch the positive, joyful, spirited outlook on life that is contagious. It represents good living. I will connect with each of you and bring out the best you can be.

But you have to do the work!

Remember it took years to get to where you are today... don't expect over night results, but if you are determined you can do it, and I can help.

Satisfied client TESTIMONIALS say it all. Words written by DJ’s fans are the truest test of her character. Work out with me and get DJ FIT!

DJ Fit, Inc.—Diane Davis—Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer.
Call 215-563-6021 for a free consultation and see if you are a good FIT

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